Freaky Friday Part 2

me. As soon as this happened Joe realized he was behind and started to thrust his hips so he can get his cock as far inside me as possible.The feeling was indescribable. Both Joe and Chris were fucking me hard and there was never a break. As soon as one was a little bit out the other one penetrated me deeply.“Don’t stop. Fuck me faster!!”I could

By Air Mail Ch.04

were waiting for him, both of them heaving to open the large hangar doors. He would have pulled in, but Rosa directed him to park not all that far from her trike. He asked why, forgetting about her hearing for the moment, so she told him, trying not to be too loud that she really would hose his bike off, but before that happened, she intended to

Wild Hibiscus

woman, probably in her early forties. I wondered if that was the source of her frustration - she gave him her youth and her child-bearing years. The best years of her life in exchange for a prosperous existence as the co-owner of a successful vineyard. We had dinner together a few evenings a week and it was pleasant enough. I was not used to

Rainy Romance

of his cock. When I felt his hands in my hair, I began to suck Slowly. But he changed the pace and began fucking my face quickly. I loved feeling his hands in my hair slightly pushing my head down while at the same time fucking my mouth like it was a tight pussy. I knew he was going to cum when I felt his cock down my throat and his balls

P03_After the Pics Go Online

against his naked dick, he dismissed the possibility as a trick his hung-over mind was playing on him. The microwave screamed at what seemed twice the volume. They took their tea and drank, not aware enough to pull the teabags out. ‘I feel like shit.” ‘I hope it’s not because of me.’ Dexter smiled his eyes were finally focusing enough to see her

Growing Together - Part One

gently out of her mouth and holding his shaft firmly in her hand she asked, "Am I doing it right? Is this how you like it?""It’s perfect," he gasped, "Don’t stop. Put it back in". Small drops of pre-cum seeped from the hole. Liz let the tip of her tongue take it and pull it away, causing a thin string to form, linking her tongue to her Dad’s

A Weekend to remember Part 2

body lying next to him bringing thoughts of the night before. ‘It’s about time you woke up, sleepy head,’ Jenny said. She was standing in the door of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head but naked other wise. ‘Sleepy Head? During the week I get up at 1 AM when I’m on the flight roster,’ Rusty said as he looked at her lovely

Quick Flash - I HAVE to tell you

coffee shop so it was just Adrian and I, and two girls that worked behind the counter. Then, I did the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life.I stood up and I said I really enjoyed talking to him, but I needed to go to work. I asked him if he would walk with me. He banged his leg on the table he jumped up so fast. We took two steps toward the

Best of Friends

to my jeans and I bit my lip as he un-did my pants button. He bit down on my zipper and pulled it down with his teeth, sending more shivers down my spine. Off with my pants. His hand went down my briefs to the now-hard 7 and ½ inch dick inside. He took it in his warm hand and rubbed it slowly and softly. Off with my briefs.I held my breath as he

It’s Just Life

friend gave me the shaft. I know, I hadn’t said anything to Kelly, but Bobby knew how I felt. It’s a ‘man law’, you don’t go after a girl that your best friend is interested in. I didn’t know which hurt the most, losing Kelly or Bobby making a run at her. My first reaction was to tear Bobby a new one. He knew how I felt about Kelly, but he made a

Whipped int he Desert

was completed. Christine Jones hung on the whipping tripod sweating and bleeding and pleading for mercy. Farah slowly walked up to the tortured woman and grabbing her by the hair slapped her face and said « You blonde slut . You think you are so beautiful and can entice the Sheik. Do you see these spiked dildos ? I am going to show you what your

Caveworms 3

the worms all around me. Each individual one, in some way, occupied a small part of my mind. I wanted desperately to be fucked, to cum again. I wanted desperately to fuck Hannah, to make her cum again. I collapsed. Worms then covered me completely, tickling my flesh, teasing me with an orgasm that constantly seemed just out of reach. I didn't

She wore a see through top in a resturant

of wine. Both Mandy and I get aroused by our exhibitionistic foreplay and in fact, it really turns me on knowing that carefully selected guys get the opportunity to enjoy my wife’s subtle exposures. We recently managed a short break not far from home at the new Holland House Hotel in Bristol. We spent the day just ambling around some shops

The Back Story On Our Relationship (Part 3)

Ewa compile a list of certain things that might be useful during the event.Ewa reminded me to give Barb a full enema on Friday morning and then looked at Barb to say, “It would be great if you could get here by 10:00 AM on Friday so I can paint your nails and do your make-up because Polish men expect that in women. I love the way you look but I

Week 1, Class 1

couple of caveats. Everyone who participates in the class must sign a consent form and take and pass an AIDS test. But beyond that, the administration understands that this a class designed to explicitly study and discuss sexual behavior, and that you are all adults that can decide whether or not you truly wish to participate. If you don’t,

It’s Only Rock and Roll

When he played music his smile was based on the genuine joy and total release that being on stage provided. In the end, though, it was his style—his supreme confidence, even cockiness—that made any comparison between Morris the CPA and Morrison the rock guitarist ludicrous. Morris recognized Kate instantly as she took a seat only a few feet from

The Fairest of Them All

of the week and much more. This month was the 100th anniversary of the magazine, the coveted “Fairest of them all” issue. It was a special double issue filled with every kind of spanking articles.The magazine would choose the most beautiful girl at the school for a lavish spread and interview for the magazine. The problem was out of 10,000

Small Town Dreams Ch. 01

joke happens on the school’s campus, Molly is the first one the principal calls to his office. Unfortunately for Principal Booth, Molly hides her tracks well. One time, she ‘borrowed’ 2 of Mr. Jenson’s (a local farmer) pigs, painted 1 and 3 on their sides, and let them loose in the halls before homeroom. It took the janitor and the principal half

my first time

that I stole out of her room, I don’t think she ever told on me about that. As I grew I was always stealing pantyhose, dresses, skirts and etc from mostly my family and my friends sisters. I wasn’t reallyturned on by guys, but when I would slide those sexy pantyhose over my legs, I would find myself fantasizing a friend of mine catching me in

Compassion Is A Way Of Being

between two men. I stared, captivated by the movement of the hirsute buttocks, thrusting the member deep into the desperate bottom. The ripples of flesh as one body smashed into another, followed by a repeated slapping sound, aroused me. A metronomic beat of sodomy, punctuated by soft groans and orgasmic squeals.A second man pulled the slave’s


her eyes, convinced him that she was telling the truth. Ray looked at his reflection, wondering just what it was that she saw in him. After all he wasn't that good looking, he didn't have a monster dick (actually he felt he was average at 7 3/4 inches) and he sure as hell didn't have money. Thinking a while he suddenly snapped his fingers, the


tiles. Warm air made the mother and son cozy. The humid air was easy to breath. A fluff of bath foam clung to the baby’s still mostly bald head. She watched his facial expression: the simplicity of big eyes, big mouth, and big cheeks. Everything was so big and straightforward about his face. He was happy. He was surprised. He was cozy. He loved

Out of my comfort zone

my options. The blond girl in the corner sipping her drink, she was five words away from slipping her tongue down my throat. The two very tan girls dancing with each other, well it wouldn't take me much to take them back to my place for a wild threesome. Then I saw her, sitting at the end of the bar by herself. I knew right then that she was

Secret Admirer 2: Teasing and Claiming

her again? He knew he needed to remedy that soon, since he knew from just that one night, that she could be his, should have been his, if she had stayed the weekend. He decided then and there that he would remind her of what his voice and ‘suggestions’ could and would do to her. He smiled and pulled out his cellphone and sent her a text... ‘Is

Olive: Prologue

know that young, black virgins get a chance to be a pet to a Princess or Queen if their liked, if not their sold. That’s why I had to go on a date tonight, one of them saw my picture and liked me. This will determine the rest of my life.I quickly walked into the shower and spent 15 minutes in the tub scrubbing my skin raw and washing my hair.

A Whole New Light Pt 1

She didn't wake up but it made her squeeze my dick. So when she did I started to cum. When I settled down my train of thought came rushing in. Man what did I just do? I had to think fast and clean up the mess. So I grabbed some napkins outmy pocket and cleaned what I could. I moved her hand and put it on her lap. So I looked at her and wasshocked

Special Case Ch.1: Introducing Dakota

lifted up her shirt revealing her massive breasts. She pushed Dakota’s massive member between them and began to move them up and down on it. Finally he neared orgasm. “Uhh!” He grabbed Donna’s head and shoved it down on his dick as it began to twitch and send spurts of cum down her throat. She pulled away gagging on his cum and a few strands

Gabby Goes To Ikea

the blowjob, he now wanted something else. He pushed Gabby away and onto her back. He began to lick her thighs and, moving northward, began kissing and licking her pussy until he found that special spot. As soon as his tongue found Gabby’s clit, she began to moan. Within five minutes, she had her first orgasm, and it was a good one. However, it

The Costume Debacle

it is.Lisa didn't have a clue on what to wear. She could dress up as anything she wants. She has the frame to make anything sexy work. Her only issue was to cover her face. What would be substantial yet sexy? She could be a sexy witch, but what's sexy about a fucked up nose and warts? Then, of course, there's always the superhero, or

Stories from Davis Hall 2: Lynns New Home

Drew. I can get booze if you guys want to pre-game Cool! Alright, see you there! The boy said, pointing at Lynn with both hands as he walked out of the store backwards, accidentally tripping on a loose shoe-lace and falling. Drew? Lynn said, looking over the counter to see the boy groan and pick himself up off the ground, You okay? Ye-yeah, He

Giving Daddy What He Wants

and I’d grown lax in my grooming habits. It was Daddy’s preference that I be waxed bare down there. I should have made the appointment but I’d figured I had time, and then it just slipped my mind. It wasn’t much, it had barely grown back enough to wax, but Daddy noticed when he slipped his hand into my pink panties upon his return. His expression

change of sides

behind the bench, Abdul waited then followed and found July standing back to a tree jumper off, Abdul stared, July said ” you just going to stand there looking” Abdul moved forward and felt July’s boobs started to rub them then started licking her nipples which became more erect, he felt July start to rub his crutch then undo his trousers letting

Her Victorian Bottom Shared: part 3.

hugged her close and pressed her face close to her own. So close, they were practically kissing. Lizzie had a sudden spurt of unexpected desire. She placed her lips on the other woman's and tasted her. Prudence felt her heart skip a beat but didn't resist, and the kiss deepened as their passion grew. The new sensation was so exquisitely naughty!

Lusty email

any more and slam my cock deeply into you, my balls tightening as I begin spewing load after load of my thick, warm seed into your sucking hotness! You scream as your muscles tighten around me, your hips raising and bucking, trying to suck me even deeper into you as your body thrashes in sweet release. I collapse on top of you trying to catch my

A Son-In-Law to His Liking

so his butt was at the edge of the desk. Vince didn’t have to be told what to do. He stepped up and reinserted his cock. Holding Booth’s legs he started fucking slowly but quickly picked up speed, going both faster and harder. They both were breathing hard, making grunting noises. Booth began jacking his cock rapidly. After minutes Vince didn’t

Wife Makes My Dream Come True

went with the flow.“So, do this man have a name?” I said with a smile and kissing her back.“Its master for you, bitch” She bit my lips“Ok master”She made me stand up and turn. She gave two playful slaps on my butts. I wiggled my butts for her to enjoy the view. She then stood up and ordered“Help me take out my clothes bitch. I need to get

His First Piece Of Ass

With one eye watching LeeAnn, the other one focused on the hot, throbbing cock inches from his lips. He engulfed the hard cock once more, while he rolled the man’s balls, moaning with excitement. LeeAnn already knew Ray was going to suck the man until he climaxed in his mouth, and then share it with her. She licked her lips and exclaimed, “Oh,

Champagne & Kisses

the cold of the champagne would kill any further love making for a while. He tried to manoeuvre himself away but the scarves held his arms securely. Fran tipped the glass enough to immerse the eye and part of the head into the bubbles. The champagne had warmed enough that the cold didn’t affect him as he thought it would. But the sensation of the


showroom to be told that we were all being made redundant. The cheque for two week’s severance pay wouldn’t last me long, for I’d only not long ago signed a rental lease on the flat, where I was at present now residing. I saw the stricken looks on the other’s faces and knew that I had the same expression. I only caught a few words of our manager

Now Who Is Watching Me?

with my other nipple. With my free hand, I grabbed his and relocated it between my legs. Cupping me, Rick inserted what I presume was his middle finger. I let out a whimper even though our tongues were still playing together. Drawing it in and out, his fingers took control. He alternated fucking me with his finger to rubbing my clit. I closed my

Camp Karma

she comes over here and takes overAlice:- *So tempting, I would atleast narrate a better story*Okay let us just ignore her for the mean time, Let us begin with who I am shall we, Well my name is Jason Reed, I am currently sixteen and of course by now you know I am living at this camp, What else would you people like to know about meAlice:- *Why

How I Got My Job

they were closing several of their stores. I wasn’t worried since I was sure if my store was closed I’d just be transferred to another location. That was, until they announced that they were liquidating their assets, shutting down all the stores, and going out of business. I worked until the doors closed. Then packed my desk, and with my last

College Prep

who was divorced and a single mom to a daughter who had just graduated high school and would be starting college in the fall. Sharon was a nurse practitioner who worked the night shift. On her nights off, she would come and sit at my bar, drink her Chivas Regal on the rocks and hangout for a few hours.  One night after I got off work, I was

mummy whore part 2

pussy onto her sweet lips. As Sue did a great job on my pussy I imagined how left out mother would be feeling, still not able to get a taste of my cunt. Instead I watched my sexy neighbour get pleasured by mother. I could tell by the looks on Eleanors face that she was enjoying the attention she was receiving.“Cmon Maggie lick that dirty cunt of

The Mask Ch. 03

out of the chair, holding her about a foot off the ground, he looked into her eyes. ‘These are the rules, my dear,’ he spat. ‘You do what I say. You do not open any curtains. Do not open any doors. You do not go anywhere unless I say you can. You do not take off my mask or try to see anything I don’t want you to see. If you break these rules,

Wanton Pleasure

him, her dress draped on the back of  his chair, her underclothes in a pile on a nearby table. She was clearly restless and impatient, her nipples taut, her skin pinked in arousal, her hips undulating faintly as if she could barely wait until he was undressed and inside herTo that end, he began disrobing, dropping his clothes on the floor with

Hotel Rouge - Part 3

mini-pools or steps leading directly to numbered doors. The same numbers, I realised, as the doors in the hallway.I had completed a couple of lengths when I heard a door open and the padding of bare feet. I knew this had to be too good to last. I turned at the end of the pool and draped my arms over the side rail. I saw a very shapely female with

A Hard Days Night

breasts underneath. WOW! Nipples about the size of quarters and already hard. My hand just barely covered one, her skin almost electric. Velvet. Her skin was pure velvet. We stayed like this for a while. Somewhere along the way, her hand had moved down to find my cock. She gasped, “You’re already hard!” Mia was slowing rubbing my cock through my

Georgia Part 01

pussy. Turning back to the cubicle I called Charlotte a few choice names as I tried to get back in.Unfortunately, Charlotte was holding the door closed and I stood there trying to push my way it with my little bare butt on display for the men.The verbal abuse continued when I finally got into the cubicle and when I’d calmed down and we were both

A Supernatural Fantasy

being married to which he replied ‘I know I’ve had an eye on your wedding ring all night’. Misha explained what had happened to me and that I was upstairs and I would be ok with them coming to the room and starting the party there with all 3 of us. Jensen seemed to like this idea as he immediately escorted her to the elevator and asked ‘which

Mending A Broken Heart

hoping the over sizing would create enough distortion fooling her into believing that the photo was of a recent origin, not from when she was a child. As Mario seated her, the waiter immediately appeared with a White Russian, another real gamble, it was also her mother’s favorite drink. ‘What’s this?’ she asked. Being bold, I just spit out, ‘why

Tales From the Loft: The Hunters

maybe I’ll just purr, then.”I set the plastic bottle down and rubbed her bare ass cheeks with both hands, pressing and squeezing firmly as my hands traveled over her entire ass.Mel bent forward and stuck her ass further outward for my pleasure. I loved sliding my fingers down her crack, then spreading her cheeks open so I could see her in all her

Mari and the Masseur: Part 1

did a soft teasing dance along the sensitive smooth skin of her inner thigh. He switched to her other side, again starting midway up her thigh, and progressing so very close, then teasing her again, as his other hand kneaded her cheek. It was sweet torture, but Mari loved it anyway. John loved the reaction it was having as well. He loved the way

A Trip with a Co-Worker

We were both married and had kids. We talked a lot, shared stories and complaints about our kids and spouses and became close friends. I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point I realized I was falling for her. At times, we'd be talking and it was all I could do to not kiss her and touch her. But, we were both married, and we worked

Confessions Of A Spurned Housewife, Chapter 2

slamming the door so hard it knocked the pictures off the wall. I sat down on the couch (it was the closest place to sit) shaking like a leaf. I had never seen him so angry and so violent - he simply wasn't that type. Paul was actually pretty easygoing and even a bit on the mousy side. He was not one prone to outbursts like this. He was gone the

Evilena – Zen Ch. 03

would break or slip or loosen so he could escape. Suddenly a large wooden door, that he hadn’t noticed before, creaked open and the blond woman from the highway walked in. This time she wasn’t dressed in the sexy summer dress like before.This time she was in full domme regalia. High leather boots, leather pants, a leather bra and her long, blond

At Work Bottomless: Las Vegas!

room at my brand new job.  There seemed to be a faint buzz from the CC cams as I took the uniform from the desk. I tried the top first, it was beautiful, almost translucent with bold color shapes and a button front; and two sizes too small as I tried to stretch it over my tits.  Of course, it wouldn’t button, and suddenly Ilsa was holding her

An Ancient Seed Re-Planted Ch. 03

her head across her desk top and pushing his cock into her open mouth while his other hand held it firmly. Her eyes went wide-open and tried to focus on the huge dick that now invaded her mouth, her hands flailing around in the air above her desk. He used the hand that had been holding his shaft to take hold of the back of her head and with both

Under the Covers (Chapter II)

miles per hour. I hadn’t experienced such an orgasm ever before in my life and I could feel the soreness already start to creep into my crotch. I opened my eyes to see him staring down at me with a grimace on his face. “You came,” he said, his voice dangerously low. “I’m sorry!” I gasped, “I couldn’t help it, please forgive me. It was the most

My Seven Day Plan – Night 3

whispered to her and Samantha smiled at the recognition. “It’s only one night sweetheart, I will call you before you call it a night,” Samantha whispered back to him, tilting her head back and resting it on his shoulder. Robert kissed Samantha’s neck and walked over to their dressing room to get ready for work whilst Samantha went to shower.

Girl in yoga pants- Re-edited Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

a peak. But I mean what guy could help himself, I was practically drooling all over myself as she bent down over and over and again. Dragging my eyes away from the beautiful sight I went to GirlsInYogaPants and told Sarah to come over.Sarah- What do you wanna show me?Me- You'll see.As Sarah hopped on the bed with me I saw her eyes start to go

A Story about a Girl

this sort of thing. John, on the other hand, had carefully balanced himself right on the edge of propriety, and they attracted some disapproving looks from the wait-staff as they made their way to her favorite table in the back. No-one said anything, though. Money talks, but she had the kind of money they can buy silence. It had been different a

My Aunt Barb Chapter 3

I wasn't so thrilled about the talk we were going to have after. Maybe the results of it would help me get on with my life. I was pondering that as the elevator door opened. We made the short trip to Barb's front door. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, she opened it allowing me to enter first. “Welcome to my den, said the spider to the fly.”I

Always Faithful

at the restaurant. I love you too, Baby, completely and only you.” “I meant what I said, whatever you did or felt doesn’t change how I feel about you. I love you.” Their embrace was fierce; their kiss was even more possessive. “Can you taste him when you kiss me; probably not, not after dinner? What I taste is in my memory.” Standing in front of

Happy Day

was a treat with a sting in the tail. Those three were hot. Alana was tanned and had a nice, firm ass. Alicia was pale with dark hair and had somewhat large, round tits. Nickole was light-brown and had a little bit of both. “Time for some ground rules. No kinky stuff. No slapping, biting, or anything like that. Only engage in intimate physical

Photographs Ch. 04

the first one to kiss him on the cheek before they separated. And yet, they never spoke about it. Not once. ###### The day finally came that Christie had anticipated and dreaded at the same time. Danny came in from school to greet her while she watered plants with a big watering can. She tilted her head, cheek presented for a kiss, but of course


the door and opened it. Rather than look up at her as she greeted him, the boy kept his gaze downcast as he returned her greeting. His voice was soft and held a traces of an accent Susan couldn’t place. ‘Can I help you?’ she asked. ‘I hope so,’ the boy said, nearly whispering. ‘May I come in?’ ‘I’m afraid not. I’m on my way out to work. I haven’t

I am picking you up in 10 minutes

We drive to a secluded park nearby. She reaches over, unbuckles my pants and immediately takes me in her mouth. It feels heavenly. I like a nice slow blow job. She knows this and just slowly bobs up and down and licks all around. The feeling is amazing. The way she puts just the right amount of pressure, the warmth. I reach over and start playing

The Beltane Code Part 2 3: Air and Water

in which the ciphertext is written. As you surmized, the ciphers increase in complexity. The fourth and fifth ciphertexts have resisted the cryptanalytic techniques used so far and I have set up a batch analysis. While the techniques used in the earlier chapters strongly suggest that the ciphers used in the later chapters are breakable, the

Hot Wife - Virgin to Slut: The Whole Story, Part 3

pussy is soaking wet right now.  Put me down as a strong maybe.  How about you, Liz?"Liz was silent and obviously thinking to choose her words carefully. Finally she said, "I'm not as experienced as you two. My tits aren't as big as yours.  I've only ever fucked two other guys besides Greg and that was backseat stuff in high school.  I met Greg

The Girl With The Emerald Eyes - Chapter 4

under her nose as she enjoyed her own aroma. Her hips swayed and her boobs bounced but my attention was still drawn to what I couldn’t see.Once at the edge of the bed, Brooke leaned forward offering her wet fingers to my eager mouth. I sucked them, licked them, and savoured the delicious tangy flavour of her young pussy. Finally, her other hand

Mummy’s true passion, book two: pregnancy days- chapter eight

against my pants. I took the scissors from the table and mum opened her legs. Carefully I cut the red band and the smell immediately got more intensive. I saw the deeper layer being soaked with her juices and couldn’t wait to taste them. Neither could mum and she grabbed my hair and pulled my head into her tights. All my head and nostrils and

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 03

takes up a defensive stance and waits until the last possible second then dives under the bulk of the slender thing. He rolls up to his feet and dives out the room just as a grenade erupts. He lands on his stomach and waits for the flames to rush over him then back into the room before he jumps to his feet. He runs down the hall without looking

Deep Blue Ch. 11

it buttoned up to her throat. The formal look made her look so elegant. Jo was dressed the most exotically in a deep green wrap-around sarong. The way the fabric clung to her slender body and hinted at her assets was most alluring. The only one missing was Trish. I raised my eyebrow at Gretchen. ‘Did we lose someone?’ ‘Not yet,’ she said

Basement Blowjob

cock again, he slapped my hand away from his cock, grabbed the back of my head and almost violently shoved his cock down my throat. My nose was pressed into his kinky pubic hair and his balls were flopping against my chin. As George tensed up and held himself immobile, I could actually feel the cum boiling up in his balls. As he moaned and I

Sophia Ch. 03

let’s have a look.’ She knelt down and pulled off the wrapping. Inside was a strange amalgamation of different objects. There was a small bouquet of flowers on top, with a note attached to the stems. It read, ‘I had a wonderful time on Friday. By the way, would flowers work?’ ‘What does he mean, would flowers work?’ asked Nina. Sophia didn’t

john the computer man

my pics. “sorry i don’t have any money i said as sexy as i could. “what the fuck” he shouted, “you expect me to leave with no money” he started to walk over to me, i was scared, i didn’t think he would react like this. He grabbed hold of my neck with one of huge hands and pushed me against the wall! I was shaking in both delight and fear. He

Fucking Theater Girls Part 3

still and took it, her throat swallowing furiously to accommodate all of Mick’s cum, though some oozed out and collected around his shaft. Right as Mick was finished fucking Jasmin’s face I blew into Hailey. She felt my balls tightening and managed to prepare herself. My legs went week and my hips spasmed with ever gush of cum that came spurting


pussy and pulled my head down to it, making me lick and suck it clean. The taste of my own juices only aroused me more, making me want her to fuck me even more. She smiled, obviously reading me as I closed my eyes, trying to get as much of the dildo into my mouth as possible. "You want more?" she asked. I looked up, taking my mouth off the strap

Sex park 1 and 2

I will cum soon he groaned out. Noah pulled out of her mouth and squirted his hot cum all over Lisa's tits to her cheeks and forehead. Afterwards lisa and Noah walked though the park back to Noah's car. They walked all the way there with noahs cum still splattered all over Lisa's face and tits and both of them are still naked. Sex park 2During

Picking Up The Pieces Again Pt. I

a stop on my floor. Finally. After a long day of school and practice I was ready to tumble into bed. Shower be damned. The thought of just stripping down and falling asleep sounded too good to be true. I was surprised by the image before me. She laid close to the door, her legs pulled up against her chest, her arms hugging them tight. She

Its Probably Not What You Think

story: ‘I am a part time male escort dealing with women clients.’OK, now time to get back to reality: It’s not night after hot night with well-toned foxes. Get real. Those foxes can get their own dates. Women are quite different from men. While with men, sex is almost always a key goal of an escort session, with women it’s just a possible factor.

A Picnic in the Park

it and was smelling fresh and new when I pulled it out of the drawer. It was a sexy little silver bikini with a spaghetti strap top and a little thong bottom. I knew it would attract lots of men at the park Most of the men who went there were bisexual and even had wives and girlfriends. They just enjoyed giving and receiving some extra blowjobs

Don’t Judge a Book Ch 02

and admitted to something that I myself was only just beginning to piece together.“Ever since the pool-party, I’ve been wondering what it would be like to see you going with another guy.”That was as much as I could squeeze out from my confused and searching brain, fighting with my masculinity.Jill didn’t say anything, but her eyes spoke volumes

War Torn Ch. 06

strips, I rolled them and set them next to the hot water. ‘Have you got any whiskey?’ I asked, remembering the flask he had carried with him from the train station. ‘Yes, in my coat pocket.’ Once I had retrieved the flask, I added it to my collection of makeshift nursing equipment. I picked up the bowl of hot water and held it in my lap as I sat

Different Gyms Do Train The Body Better!

He looked at me with a question in his eye. “Yeah, it went like we planned. She was there with him, humping away like a couple of fucking rabbits. Just dump the guns, Dad. I don’t think either is gonna squeal, but it would be best if the guns disappeared.”He nodded, and I returned home. I arrived home (no police, that was a good sign). My

My Wife Does A Threesome With Two Young Gentlemen

began to fuck my wife harder as she started to squirmed about the bed. Matt looked over too Tim and said, “She is a wild one! She likes being fuck hard!” Matt held her down tightly to the bed as he began pound his cock even harder into her. A few seconds later my wife screamed out into a very powerful orgasm. Her body shook for a good minute as

Winter Fires Ch. 03

Marianne, please?’ ‘Hold on a moment, I’ll see if she’s here,’ came the answer. Simon thought it odd that her mother wouldn’t know if she was there or not, but let it pass. ‘Wait a moment, she’s just coming to the phone,’ he heard. Then he heard the handset being passed over, before Marianne’s voice came to him. ‘Simon, hi! Right on time, I see!’

Sindie and Ashley Ch. 03

she looked at me. ‘My father and mother died twelve years ago on December 1st. You mean to tell me that they were both hunters? What does that even mean? not to mention that you were the one who killed them!’ I focused on all the strands but on and that was Deirdre’s. ‘Deirdre I want to know everything about the Hunters, and where they came from.

Inheritance and Discovery

Toward the end of the roll John had joined Amy on the bed and they had been doing an intense sixty-nine. He must have used the self timer. Wow, I needed to go to the bathroom to take care of the frustration again. I knew that I needed to keep the pictures private. But I also knew that Amy would probably want them. In the morning I phoned Amy and

The Nature Experience

myself horny. I thought I’d take a shower and release some of the tensions that I had built up. On the way to the bathroom, however, I looked out the window at the rain. I then had a brilliant idea: I would do this in the rain. It had a romantic and risqué aspect to it. I knew a clearing in the woods on my grandparents’ land that would be

Heart of the Wood (Part Two of Two)

didn’t succeed. Another swirl of cool wind swept through the clearing, and the ghostly image said, “I shouldn’t stay long. You’ve made our dream real, and I couldn’t be more proud. I love you, Melinda.” The image of her mother faded, becoming more transparent. “I love you too, Mom. I miss you.” “I’ll always be with you, watching over you –

Jill Steps Out; A Cuck is Conceiv

him tightly and utter, “Mmmmm, Ohhhh, Yeessss!”He pulled me up and then lifted me in a swift motion, carrying me to the bed and tossing me down on my back. He quickly followed, leaping between my legs and swiftly rubbing his cock up and down my pussy, coating it with my lube juice. No time was wasted plunging deep in me. Once there he held me

A fun night

if he would remember the address of the place. He look intently at me and asked, "Why.""I was, raped, gangbanged, tortured, treated like a whore, had black cocks and got fist fucked, all in one night, so tell me, which one of those was one of your fantasies."He look worried, "I know your pissed but I didn't plan this as a fantasy, I swear.""You

What She Wants

why she hadn't been wearing any panties under her dress.That didn't stop me from going in, however. She said she wanted it, and she was gonna get it whether she liked it or not, just like my dad said."Just don't cum in me," she said with a caught voice. It was really hurting her just to have her cheeks spread. I won't if I remember not to, I

Twins Times Four

pussy glistened pink, and only then did Ann dismount from his face and allow him to get up. "Umm, that's much better," Ann said, getting to her feet and stretching. "I needed that. One more cock would have made it perfect." "One more?" Jill asked. "How?" "Oh, I just love to have a cock up my ass at the same time I've got one in my pussy," Ann

Brad’s Sister Pt. 06

them buy soft drinks. The band had just started and was playing a few faster numbers. There was only a half dozen or so dancing. Most of them seemed several years older, probably graduate students that had stayed through the summer. The band eventually played something slower and when they did, George asked Ashley to dance. She shrugged off the

Rebuilding Harry Ch. 07

actually. We could do that and then run for our lives.’ ‘Relax,’ Veronica said, patting him on the arm. ‘I think if your wife was going to be kill me she wouldn’t have gone about it this way.’ Her hand lingered on his forearm a while, and her now familiar touch was enough for him to forget about the bizarre context of it all, and he leaned in to


Without another word, she kissed me. Hard. Tongue reaching, greeting mine. Soft lips urgently pressing, moving, searching. I had my answer. And an erection. "Mark, I loved kissing you last night." "Probably not as much as I loved it, Dawn." "I've never gotten wet like that so quickly." "Dawn, you made me hard then and you are doing it again now."

Carolyn S. 2

the tip, Rhoda eased the high speed vibrating shaft completely into herself until the bunny ears tantalized her clit. She let out a little ‘wow’ and then twitched before slowly sliding it out. She played with the controls for maximum vibrating pleasure. I couldn’t watch any more. As I turned, I felt my semi hard dick throb against my leg and

My First Time With My Little Bambi

me masturbating and told me I was grounded. Being grounded by Gammy really only meant being confined to my room for a couple of days with nothing but my stuffed animals. I realized how vulnerable I was from Jenny dumping me, and I began to heavily weep. I noticed my stuffed Bambi looking so comforting and inviting. I threw off the covers

Passing Time

to allow me to sit there comfortably for hours on end. Of course, having a well-stocked old foam six-pack esky helped as well… I wandered along the river’s course for a few hundred yards, (metres if you prefer, but yards seems more fitting somehow), until I approached the roots. I then picked my way through the gums across the increasingly sandy

Night of the Living Pussy

taunted. “Come on, just a little touch? I know you want to …"The feeling of her nether lips moving as well as what felt like a new wet appendage moving inside her while it talked was nearly enough on its own to send her over the edge.“It’s wrong…Please…” Stephanie pleaded under her breath.“Look, honey, there is nothing wrong with feeling good.

Harlotsville Ch. 01

Eugenia jabbed the tip of a dirt-encrusted carrot up Betty’s rear end. The carrot’s tapered end squarely bypassed the girl’s tight sphincter. Betty screamed, much more loudly and desperately than she even realized, and her anal ring immediately fought to restrict the intruding object, scrunching like a vise grip until its momentum slowed. ‘Oww!

Strange Cock For Wife

and left the house. She came back in about 15 minutes as though she just got home from work. I had gotten out of bed and was in the living room. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom where she made me lay on the bed. She stripped off my clothes and then began to strip herself. She told me about her day at work as though she just got home

My sister, my reluctance and my first time.

naked and just lay awake in my bed thinking about what just happened and gradually fall asleep with the whole thing still a muddle in my mind. I’m awoken to a gentle caressing of my hips from behind and flinch as a reaction. I hear a soft voice from Stacey “hey, it’s just me. It’s alright.” She slides her arms around me from behind and I feel

Halloween Fun

really into this excursion. When I told Mel what I picked up, she helped me get some accessories at a costume store she worked at. I picked up some eyelashes, nails, and some tights. She wasn't going to come out for Halloween, but she wanted me to take some pictures.On the day of Halloween, I got to my friends house where she applied my make up,

Team Photos 2: Lauren

and tied up around me, so eventually mum gave up trying to make me wear some).“Caitlyn, Caitlyn! Wake up your having a nightmare!” “Lauren! What are you doing? I’m fine, leave me alone!”“But Caitlyn, I heard you, what were you doing then?“Just go back to bed and go to sleep”“Not until you tell me what you were doing! We tell each other

Black Teen Girl Dominates Mature White Men - Part 2

his face in my tit flesh. So, I reached down to stroke his soft cock as I said, “There’s a good reason why I look so much like the girl online, because I am Angel. I recognized your reflection in the picture you sent me, and I wanted to have a little fun watching you try to seduce me. Shame on you, Jeff, for taking advantage of your sweet

The Last Time (Part Three)

begging him. "But, I need you, now," she begged some more. Iris felt if she didn't have him in her she'd explode. She needed him inside of her. "Please, baby, please." Slowly sliding down her body, biting her skin wherever it was exposed, he pushed himself up, perfectly aligning his head between her crotch. He swept his tongue along her inner

My Daughter In Law day2

and my balls. What a turn on. My cock being licked clean after having been in the ass of these two beautiful twins. They waste no time and get to work, stroking and sucking my cock. The viewis incredible as identical twins suck me. After all I've been through I know I'mnot going to last long. And this is definitely my number one fantasy

The Gardener III

cock is softening the blow. "Of course I knew." There's resignation in your voice but, then, confidence- "I brought it out in you once." "Twice," I correct you with a sly, reassuring grin. "My imagination was running away with me." "You wanted it to be me inside you?" I search your face, is that hope? Doubt? Your arousal makes the truth hard to

Lords of the Manor- Part 3

shaven scrotum, making him grunt and chuckle. They had been taking turns in licking his long length from base to tip. He had their pert, smooth backsides in each hand and was rubbing and squeezing them gently, their ball gowns were flicked up over their backs, revealing their perfectly formed botties and neatly shaven holes.Marcus had been

Late Night Car Fun

of the mirror playing with my chocolate nipples while I waited. I loved cupping my big, full breasts and squeezing my nipples while I watched myself…this particular time I was imagining how much Kevin was going to enjoy seeing them for the first time later that night. I stepped into the shower and poured some of my honey & black seed apricot oil

My story on anal play (pt 2)

your dick sucked and a vibrator slid all over your shaft and balls. She continued to work her magic on me when the vibrator slide down to the underside of my balls. As I said before, shes put a finger in my ass before but never anything other than that. I started to get a bit excited and opened my legs up a bit more for her to explore at will.

All In Time, part one

without another glance, she dashed into the house, almost slamming the door in her haste to escape her new brother. Casting his dad and stepmother a bemused smile, he shrugged and chuckled. “I guess she doesn’t like big black guys, after all.” * * * Really? God, why did you have to give me a hottie for a brother? Couldn’t you have made him a

Being a Good Neighbor

that's all right." "Oh, sure, fine. Let's put the food to warm and go out, okay? You can show her where to change." They went to a spare bedroom near the back of the house and I went and changed into trunks. I hadn't gotten them out of my dresser because I had assumed we would have a bare soak in the tub, but, that's changed. Well, perhaps,

When I Was Thirteen

I was done. Mom said that I had stamina. She also called it staying power. What ever you call it Angela’s mother got butt fucked for a good fifteen minutes before I cum a little and finally pulled out.As the three of us lay there Angela’s mother told us that my mother had done a great job with our sex education and that there was very little that

My Hot Loving Wife

my back arches as I inhale deeply. My wife knows just how to hit my most sensitive trigger, and in two more bobs of her head my body tenses up as I unleash load after load of my cum inter her mouth. I can feel her moan in pleasure as she takes all of it into her mouth, not missing a beat, swallowing every drop. She then slowly sucks the last of

Happy Birthday/Halloween, whore.

When the elevator doors opened, the penthouse was pitch black. My whore tried to adjust her eyes to the dark. She jumped with a start, when the lights came on and everyone shouted out, “Happy Birthday, whore!” My whore caught her breath and hugged me. “This is the best birthday ever! Thank you, Master!” she excitedly thanked me. “We’re not done


of what the night might bring and her lover who was to be there within the hour. As she slipped below the water and began to lather her waist length hair with rose scented shampoo she smiled. Tonight is going to be very special she thought as she lovingly slid her soapy hands sinuously down her body and lovingly caressed her breast. Thoughts of


thing bees do. THEY BUZZ! Pursing his lips on her clit he started to buzz and hum.The effect of a living vibrator overwhelmed Starshine. Here she was, straddling JP, treating him like a living Sybian. She yelled, “Oh Gaia! IAMCOMIIING!” and came with a shuddering climax. Her pussy paid its tribute to JP and squirted copious fluids into his

I, Dominus: The Hummingbird and Wolf. Part One of Three.

deceitful saying is still just a lie.”“Jealousy is so unbecoming, Gil,” she stopped and turned around, batted her eyes and casually rolled the words off her tongue.I chuckled, “Jealousy is not what I am feeling at this moment, Chiara. I should participate at Snoring Rope Bob’s open salon. It would be worth it to watch him faint from watching what

E063: Thirty-six pearl

started, and somewhat on how many I did, I am so sorry Sir,” she replies.“Well, I am going to have to spank you some before we move on, but you were close, so not that much of a spanking.  Only with my hand this time,” Donald says as he takes her hand and leads her to the bed.He sits down and motions Emma to lay over his lap.  He rubs her cheeks

Don't lose Alex! - Part 2

again..."Heeey Pretty boy!" He said. I looked at him in anger...."Awwnn...don't look at me like that...hey I got you some news! Matt's looking for you..." He said, I opened my eyes wide listening to his words..."don't get your expectations high 'Aky'...he'll never find you here...or discover...about me...having you.." He continued running his

Emma Part 5 – Tom’s Birthday

on. As she kissed me she slipped my jacked off my shoulders and let it slip to the floor. If Tom thought at this point that his Emma was just going to treat him to a bit of girl on girl kissing he was soon going to get an even bigger surprise. She still had her lips glued to mine as she undid the buttons of my blouse and slipped her hand inside

The English Professor

voluntarily wrapped around him and he carried me to his bedroom. The room had a large bed that sat center against the wall in light colored linens and sat on a simple wooden frame. Everything in the room had its own place. Just like his office. He was neat. And clean. And the way he obviously lived showed in his personality. He was just my cup

Cult of Sexuality

He took a seat and waited for Ames to arrive. He was confident that he didn’t do anything “wrong”, but the definition of wrong changed by the day. “Good morning, detective!” Captain Ames said as he quickly walked towards his desk. Liu stood up from his seat and nodded to the older man. He sat down again, trying to keep his nerves in order.

LoveLocked: Locking Down Stepdaughter

see it. Stage left is a sectional sofa. TODD and NIKKY are curled up together on the sofa. He is in jeans, a polo, and dark leather shoes. She is wearing her Sarah Lawrence sweatshirt and shorts, but is barefoot.]Nikky [calling]: Mom! Hurry up! We want to get started!Sue [from offstage]: Just getting the ice cream!Nikky: Ugh. She’s always

Taming the Tease: Ch 3

office door open for Bella.“After you sweetheart.”Bella walked in front of him. His stare now fixated on her ass. Her flimsy dress clinging to her outwardly jutting ass. The soft fabric stuck in the crease of her bum, outlining its shape magnificently. Bella could almost feel Jon’s gaze on her ass. She made sure to sway her hips as she walked.

Gabby 1

as he had one foot out the door. He stopped. Uh&hellip,masturbating, he said, turning red. Whats that? Id heard the word a few times, but never quite had the courage to ask someone what it was. I was too afraid theyd look at me goggle-eyed like they always did when I asked stupid questions about sex. Id lagged so far behind my friends and what

Black man n shy young wife ch.2

wife because of every time he would shoot his cum up her ass her pussy would gush a torrent of cum n she remembered he shoot his hot thick nasty black cumm in her ass about 8 times and every single time she would squirt back on the elevator floor n on his basketball shorts because she saw the cumm stains when he but her on her knees n rubbed his


I tried to be casual and walked slowly down the dim hallway, glancing at the posters on the doors of the other booths as I passed. I could feel myself flushed, both from the encounter I had just had in the booth I’d just stepped from, and the men watching me. They began slowly following now, still whispering among themselves. “Oh, what the hell,”

Camping Trip (Part 1)

skies to reveal the ever-glowing sun as a young girl stepped out of the vehicle. She had wavy golden hair and liquid onyx eyes and tanned skin. Hunter, come help unload the truck, her mother smiled. Alright, Hunter lifted two bags of clothes and brought them inside the cabin. So beautiful, She murmured as she walked inside the warm cabin. There


my face, as I take a peek at him at my side. He catches me looking and grins, pinching a few clusters of the honey flavoured popcorn I’m holding. The adverts end and the room becomes silent in the suspense of what the next few hours hold. It reminds me of being on a train and going through a long dark tunnel, not knowing what everything will

A Deadbeat's Diary - Older Woman who hadn't been laid in 19 years

morning. Even if it met her getting knocked up, it was a chance I was willing to take.As I felt myself about ready to come, I slowed myself down and asked Freda if I could cum inside of her. She said that she wasn't sure, what about a possible pregnancy and her being 42 and yada yada yada.I said that I didn't care about that and that I wanted

Being the tough guy

it felt so good then an hour later the girls switched and i did it again and then i wanted more oral sex so i made one girl do it and i zipped up my coat so she wouldnt get out until i was done and then the other i sucked her tit and pussy... she kept on saying that my flipped up collar tickeld her and i just kept on doing it for a few hours the


slowly up his shaft licking it the entire length before taking it all the way in to my mouth. Again I used long slow strokes to make sure he received lots of pleasure without prematurely sending him over the edge. After a few minutes of this I caught the time out of the corner of my eye. It was 6:45. Grace would be home any minute. I decided we

Not Your Average Celebrity Nanny Ch. 02

going to come. Rachel, incapable of speech, only nodded. Her muscles contracted. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deep inside her and her fingernails raked deep and sharp down his back. Both of the cried out, deep soulful cries of simultaneous orgasm. Gasping for air, they lay together on the bed, his cock covered in both of

Sheryl and her perfect life

they would get together. The complication at the time was that Sheryl was involved with someone else. That all changed over the summer. And by the fall of our sophomore year Sheryl and Paul were a couple; the perfect couple. They did everything together, all the parties, all the dances; they took classes together, were both on the school paper.

Picture perfect trilogy, Pt 2 (Judy's story)

I need to make love to you, just once, we both need to do this.” “We’ll talk about on Friday, Okay?” “Okay,” was all he said. “See you then, Bye.” I couldn’t believe I just told him to meet me. In spite of the guilt, in spite of knowing how wrong this was, I had an overpowering need to right the wrong that happened so many years ago and I now

The not so perfect wife.

even name the father as she ignored her father's shouting and her mother's suspicious looks, rubbing her belly lovingly at the thought of the offspring growing deep inside her. It was a mystery.Or at least it would have remained a mystery to Barbara if she hadn't gone to the nearby neighbourhood playground and seen Derek and Sasha go behind one

I Am Jack’s Life Ch. 15

before I beat your ass!’ he said. I struggled to stand up. There were still dots swimming in my eyes. ‘Jack, I’m sorry! Please just go!’ Beth said as the wall of meat drug her up the stairs and into the apartment door. ‘Wait, Beth…’ I coughed. I swayed to my feet. The door slammed and then I was standing alone on the street. What the fuck

Symbiotic sex plant

The pain starts to dull now, as the plant seems to be injecting me with some kind of medicine to let me stretch like this, but it still hurts to watch, and the feeling in my pussy is still 100%. The vine in my ass is now stretching me wide as well, and is racing through my small intestine until it enters my stomach, where it too stops and forms a

Seeing my first hard cock

parents would leave us to fend for ourselves in the summer while our parents were at work. I even attempted to cook breakfast for him. I still remember his cock. He was always rock hard. Very small but extremely hard. He would let me touch him. But when I asked to suck him, he turned me down. I didn’t ask again. He liked that I brought him stolen

Sultana (Chapter 9)

you little piece of shit,” Suleiman said. “Two hundred dinars, and I’ll give my reference on your wonderful character to the court scribe, and we’re done. I know about your performance in front of the Sultana’s court. Everyone is talking about it. So your life is safe. Go in peace, and keep your lips sealed. If my secret should become known to

Two Three One Ch. 07

know about all of this, Love.’ She finally replied. ‘All I know is that I love you so much, and if it’s that important to you, well …’ She grabbed for anything as an anchor. ‘… there would have to be a number of conditions.’ ‘What?’ Keri implored, her hopes buoyed. Victoria took some time to collect her roiled thoughts before continuing. ‘First,’

Dragon Slave Chronicles: The Discovery - Part 1

already. Do you have any other questions?”“I’m flattered that you asked for me to interview you, but I’m puzzled too. I’m just starting to write as a journalist. Actually, I’m barely above writing obituaries.” Alberta chuckled. “I didn’t think anyone but my mother knew I even worked for the paper. Why did you request me?”“Michael, I’m not sure I

Seattle Mix Tape - Enthralled/Pilloried

take it nice and slow, baby girl’. There was only the loud wet smack of leather on flesh causing my entire being to flinch.  Had I not been immobilized I would have jumped several feet, as much from surprise as the pain that blossomed suddenly between my legs.I screamed into my panties.  Loudly.  Had this been at home I would have worried about

The Dressing Table

those about her, laughing with her friends at their failures, crying alone and with her closest friend when the best they could do just didn’t quite work. She removed her slip, teasing herself with a strip before the glass, wiggling just so, presenting the curves one by one, realizing she was quite literally practicing for him. There, she

Tequila Romance

Quivering and grasping, her nails biting his back. He pulled, barely making it out in time. He knelt to her sopping pussy. It was still clean. He started to give it another once over. ‘Oh, god no!’ She pulled away, panting. She threw one of the towels at the jizz spot on the bed and grabbed his cock and started to clean it off, slurping her

Nicki and Gio

grandparents to get Mom and Dad to give me that name. But, believe me, I got off easy. My sister is named Francesca Bologna. My brothers and I would tease Frankie by calling her a frank of bologna and that her dream date was going to be with Oscar Meyer. (‘Cause Oscar Meyer will have his way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a.) To this day Frankie will not eat a

Asia and her boy toys

am I too old for you now, I am 20.”“Old man.” I guess I can make an exception. Keys are in the car, you drive.”“You sure I can handle it?”“If you can handle me, you can handle my ride.”Leaving the parking lot Josh chirped the tires, not used to the HP.Asia laughed. “Let’s take her out to County Line Road, you can do more than chirp the

Poolish Desires

to be pulled. And yes, for that weekend she was my slave.Upon reaching the other end of the pool she walked up the steps and brought her arms behind her neck to squeeze the water from her blond hair. In doing so, those breasts with newly chilled nipples became the center of the pools attention. I wondered if she has any comprehension of how

African-American Studies Part 2

This was the shining example of her race.He made to hit her again, but stopped short. He didn't want to cause the cunt any series injury. He didn't want her dieing on him, and besides, given the expression on her face, it looked like something she could handle. He had her screaming bloody murder before, but this looked like something she

Final Draft: The Autobiography

writing desk, surrounded by the glorious possibilities of ink and paper.Ryan came up behind me, wrapping me into a hug and resting his head on top of mine.“Hey.” He said.“Hey.”“What’re you gonna write?”I chuckled. “The story of my life.”Ryan sat beside me, on my bed.“Good idea! You should write about us!” He told me. “You’d have first-hand

naughty little brother syndrome

words."ok"And was...and so it began.I got onto all fours right next to him and pushed my bare cunt at his face."Like what you see?" I laughed over my shoulder. I wiggled my ass in front of him.Then I felt his fingers enter up my pussy.I froze and my mouth fell open in way, I refused to believe that he had just fingered

Innocence Lost Ch. 18

she was aware of being rather earlier than she’d promised Innocence when she’d phoned up earlier. She dragged her rucksack out behind her and wandered around the platform looking for something interesting to do. She had absolutely ages to kill, and the newsagents seemed to sell nothing of the remotest interest to her. She put a few coins into a

After Jess

and then, as they left my mouth, wished I could have swallowed them back. I’d assume that was what she had done. Maybe she was ‘phoning to apologise. ‘Look, Tippi, I was being really stupid that night. Could we just forget it?’ ‘We can forget some of it, sure. I wondered if you’d come to a party at my place next weekend, Saturday – my best friend

The Taking Of My Wife, Part 4: A wife is defiled

was all he needed to hear. He pushed his cock deep into her wet cunt, all the way in. Viki screamed and her body lifted off the sofa and he roughly grabbed her tits from behind and bit her neck. She turned her face to meet his and they ate each other’s mouths like animals as he fucked her hard from behind.He looked up at the dark stairwell and

Life is Still Good

hun. I'll be here if you need me."She's my best friend forever. I love her. Now I pick up the crutch I have leaning against the bar. It comes in handy when I need to get rid of the prosthetic for a while. I smile to myself."Hi, sailor. Wanna go for a walk?" I'm looking into his face. He's not sure. I can be a little intimidating, I know. "Got a

The Babysitter’s Cummin Out Ch. 02

director of the sex play that was taking place. ” Oh yes Sheila baby suck that little cock, make Tommy come in your mouth. Damn your ass hole feels tight as ever, I love fucking you. You are such a hot Bitch.” Tommy had that look on his face and the other man could tell he was about to splash his seed. “ Don’t let her drink your cum, shoot it

What's your name again?

too. She slid off me as she pulled out my extremely hard cock. Laura got in between my knees and started to suck me off. First she just put her lips just barely on the tip and breathed. If you haven't had that done to you, I highly suggest it. Then she popped just the head in and licked it like a popsicle. She has never gone all the way down but

Mountain Mystique

search her tense body. He gently caresses her body and kisses her delicious skin as he goes down. He reaches her glistening pubis and nuzzles in it! His kisses drive her deeper and deeper into his passionate grip. Her body quivers as each succulent kiss sends her higher and higher. She longs for that blissful explosion, that numbing height—That

The incest video interviews chapter 12

a mother and daughter fucking each other, to be very hot. So, we've both been kind of seeing him lately," Diana told us.We were both cheesing, that was hot."No kidding? You really like having sex with the same guy like that?" Lacy wondered."Yes, she is one of the very few ladies I would ever have a threesome with. I know it's kinky to do it with

My Finger

that they need to be sucked. Fortunately, I can do that, and as one finger slides over my nipple and circles it, my other hand lifts my breast to my mouth to do just that.The nail of my other finger, the more important one, caresses the side of my breast before it slides over my tummy and down to my thighs. I caress the tops of my legs before I

Hotel Swing

back her head with a gasp of air as she did and as her lips slid along his length to his tip she could taste his salty pre-cum on her tongue and severing the taste and swallowing it before his cock left her mouth. As Natalie looked up to see the handsome man smiling down at her she was about to take his cock back inside her mouth before he

The Night It All Changed

instead pulled the covers over myself (and him, by extension) and tried to fall asleep. That was not to be. The thinness of the pants he was wearing allowed his manhood to be nearly 100 percent visible to the naked eye. And what I didn't see, I felt full-force. He was erect, rock-hard and throbbing."Jesus, dude! What the...?""Oh, shit."I reached

Husband waits patiently while I shop

across my nipple. It instantly hardened and felt a little embarrassed. She raised her eyes to me and said it was chilly in here. I felt grateful to her that she was being so nice. Next she measured across my bust area, she stood behind me, her bosoms touching my back. She stretched her arms around to my front across my breasts, brushing each

The Bike Rally

has had a few beers. Last summer while camping at a rally we stopped by a campsite to visit with a couple of guys we met earlier in the day. After a few beers we talked my wife into flashing a few of the bikers as they rode by. Her inhibitions were lowered enough she was enjoying herself as much as we were enjoying the show. We visited a while

Lady in Red Ch. 30

‘Kate’ll have to get earplugs or switch back with Gwen. We know Gwen won’t complain about strange noises in the middle of the night. I’m not giving up nights like last night so Kate won’t be emotionally distressed. I’m not giving up nights like that for any reason!’ ‘This is embarrassing!’ stated Paula and Gwen at the same time. Then they looked

Die Erinyen 3

frisch angezogen’, nahm er den Gesprächsfaden von vorhin wieder auf. „Tragen sie ihn heute auch noch?’ „Pfff! Warum sollte ich Ihnen das sagen?’ „Es gibt etliche geile Filme und neunundzwanzigtausendfünfhundert andere Gründe dafür, etwas mehr Entgegenkommen zu zeigen.’ „Neunundzwanzigtausendfünfhundert?’ „Nun, schöne Partnerin, zur Motivation und

The Generation Game - Finally

college when I guess I was just trying things out to find out who and what I was”. “OK,…. Er…yes, OK, I mean that, I can see how that might happen”. “But when I met you, I felt so safe and comfortable right from the start, that I decided after that second dance that I had to have you”. “So it seems that I had no choice then?”. “None at

Manipulated by Mom’s Friend

and she teased the tip of my penis with her tongue I could feel the tenderness of her firm and massively huge breasts, she tightly pressed her boobs together and move them as fast as she could, squeezing my dick and then I got so aroused that I felt I was about to climax and I shouted “Ahhh Lisa I’m gonna cum” and I started to shoot cum

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Her Drink Your Lemonade (1st in the Golden Series)

I knew that the friend she claimed to have fooled around with would be there and I wanted ask her in person about the story. The party was at a bar that was privately booked and the place was packed. It was quite a while before her friend showed up, but once she did, I took the first chance I had to ask her about the story. It was clear from her

My First Time in a Dress

before we got out. When we got out our tighty-whitees were see through. I was looking at Dan's cock and realised how large it was. I looked up and he was looking at me and pulled his cock out and shook it and laughed, I did the same. We started laughing as we shook our cocks at each other. His started to get hard and I commented on how big it

Deep Secret Ch. 07 – Requests

she was pretty tall for a woman, but not anything outrageous. So, when I call her breasts ‘mammoth’ or ‘huge’ I mean that compared to most other women with her slender, graceful body type, her breasts were definitely outliers in a standard deviation curve. I just wanted to get that out in the open, lest a reader might think she looked like an


in Wisconsin Linda learned two important skills: how to repair any piece of machinery and sex. She learned about sex from one of the farm hands behind the old barn a few hundred feet from her parent’s house. When he left, she learned from other workers on the farm, most times in the barn, but other times out in a field, in the woods, or the

Message From The Deacon

it started to run again. I walked deliberately out the back door of the bar. I probably should have recovered the pile of bills on the bar, but then again it might help the bartender forget me. The phone rang three times before the older man answered. ‘Deacon it’s done. I’m headed on to Ohio. At this rate I am never going to get to New Mexico.’

I never thought it would actually happen

I felt him slowly squeezing past my threshold as his finger had just moments ago. This was much bigger than his finger though. I felt myself stretch around the fat bulb of his cockhead. When I thought I couldn't be stretched any further he resposition himself. His cock was now perpendicular to me, pointing towards his target. Then he did it. The

Jake's Saga - Ch 2. Spring Break

his help with the remaining book-work, he readily agreed, eager to spend time with this Italian beauty. He explained everything to her in a way she could understand, at the end of the night when she understood the material she thanked him, giving him a kiss on the cheek as she said goodnight. The next morning they covered the remaining material

A present for Lindsey

sized mouth surrounded by tight thin lips. She was about 5ft 7 inches tall, long slim legs and medium sized beasts. She was slim but athletic which made me guess she probably worked out regularly at the gym. As I do she obviously liked to show off her legs and was wearing a short denim skirt and her legs were bare as the house was very warm.

The Initiation

onto the dock and perched on the edge, watching me in the water. The chilly water dripped from her hair onto her shoulders, and ran down her torso. Her small breasts peeked around the edges of the little fabric triangles of the bra, and her lovely nipples, rendered erect by the cold water, stood at attention. “Come on up, John,” she said.

richboys love 40

got us both some coffee and i said "harvey i need to talk to you about something important" so harvey offered me a chair and i sat in it he said "whats is it babe" i said "well you know you had to borrow money of my mom to come get me from rome and you needed money this morning for gas well what i am going to say is why dont you just have access

Amy Goes Out Of Bounds

back lightly from her face to dance lightly behind her shoulders.  Regrouping my thoughts, I commented what a gorgeous day it was before introducing myself.“Hi, I’m Marco,” I said with a smile.“Amy,” came my reply. “Nice to meet you.”We proceeded to make the obligatory small talk about where we each were from, who we were up skiing with and the

The Next Door Neighbour

old, loose fitting sweatshirt. Although John was looking on wistfully, he grinned ruefully and then shook his head.“Not that I can think of, Andrea.” His eyes began to sparkle with amusement. “But if something comes up,” he grabbed his groin like Michael Jackson, “I’ll be sure to let you know.”I wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easily.

Family Potrait

legs a bit wider. Our daughter and son had changed the positions of their hands and now, our daughter had her hand over her mother’s crotch and our son had his hand on her breast.“Ready?” I said quickly, snapping the picture before anyone could move.Again the three of them groaned with the flash but as I took the camera down, I saw our daughter


We tried patiently, but things began to get out of hand again as my drinking worsened, self esteem took a nose-dive, and felt generally depressed. It was safe to say that Katherine and I were on the verge of divorcing. I had strong feelings for Katherine too but I just couldn’t keep myself on track long enough to let things improve between us. I


them. Please kiss me. Please kiss me. Please kiss me. Please kiss me. Clarissa closed her eyes and puckered her full, pink lips, as if she were a princess in a fairy tale. Frank leaned forward and kissed her gently, his left hand squeezing her cool thigh firmly. It began as an unromantic gesture, but within moments Clarissa’s mouth had opened

Long Desert HIghway

seat, but DeDe stopped me. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. DeDe laid down on the bed ready for action. As I went to remove her track pants, she arched her back upward for easy removal of the pants. There was her womanhood. It was beautifully trimmed and there was a scent of lust. I slid between her legs and began kissing, licking and

Angry Father

to go sit on the couch. Again her father grabbed her and threw her down on the ground. She looked up at him petrified about what might happen next. “I don’t let sluts sit on the couch lay down on the floor like the dog that you are. Oh, and make sure your ass is up seeing how you love showing it off.” Amy did as she was told thankful that that’s

My fiancee is not on the shot

I said, in a hushed tone.She did not get pregnant. ~ Encounter IV: Two weeks off the shot ~One night we were watching anime, but we were no longer in the motel, and not in an apartment. We were watching Initial D, and then we switched to watching some anime with some police squad killing

Athos Ch. 03

times must I say you do not need to call me Madame?’ ‘At least once more Madame as always.’ Monique put on her cloak to cover her stained dress and went to find a stable boy to saddle their horses, it took only 15 minutes before they were on the road again and on the way to Berry where they would find the people they’d been sent to retrieve.


her mouth. She moaned a real long moan and kept swallowing all she could. Jen pulled Dad’s head tight to her shaking pussy and let go with a squirt as she shook and moaned…..’oh god ..daddy…yes, yes, yes….you make me cum so good…oh yessss….oh daddy…..oh daddy……---------------Missy still fuck’s her dad, her brother, her mom, Jen and Jen’s dad and

Turn of a Friendly Card

said in a dignified voice, picking my words carefully in this minefield I’d led us both into.   I squirmed a little in my seat, my bruised arse singing out a happy song of cherished pain.   Fine lines do not exist for those who choose to see in black and white, Sally dealt in rainbows, so I determined not to abandon ship.   Looking her straight

My introduction to swinging group sex – Part 17

slid in quite easily and gave me a quick, hard fucking until he blew his load. He also thanked me and pulled out. I was about to sit up when another person took his place and said “Hi. Ok if I follow on?” I answered by dropping onto my elbows and poking my arse up in the air. A few seconds later I had the third cock in my arse for that night. It

My best friend visits home

my pussy over her eyes and forehead. She was fully covered with my wetness. She was enjoying every bit of me chewing and eating me off. She dug her tongue deep down my pussy and licked from inside, I was at my peak and almost about to cum.I pushed her off fighting with her reflexes; I spread her legs wide and licked her pussy, rubbing the clit

Relax Breath

There was no way I was going to be late- I'd been looking to my Swedish massage appointment for days, needing to feel the stress worked out of my body at the expert hands of the massage therapists at the clinic I'd been going to for several months now. I couldn't help but smile, feeling calmer already with the wind in my hair, knowing I wouldn't

Driving in Snow Ch. 19

‘Come back soon. I have really enjoyed meeting you.’ She smiled and replied: ‘Likewise.’ They then went downstairs to collect their classwork and laptops. Joyce had bound their lab reports for them. As they walked down the office hall Yvonne took a good look at some of the photographs adorning the walls. She commented favorably about their

My Fraternity Slut Year

and had both fairly recently ended out last relationships, so we hooked up. I thought it might just be a one time thing but we enjoyed each other and he chased me a bit, so we made it a regular thing. His parents and mine both worked so we could go to either of our houses after school and have free private time, we took full advantage of that.

Rebeccas Garden

had come and gone while I was out of town for my daughter’s graduation.   This was my youngest daughter from my first marriage and I was determined to make an appearance whether I was welcomed or not.   This was probably my last chance to pretend that I had something to do with her success and I was not going to miss it.   I couldn’t help but

Modern Woman 2

he had made some food for himself and he would no sooner clean the bathroom than grow wings and fly to the moon. He’s even let his weight balloon to over 220 pounds. Louise, on the other hand, was energetic and beautiful. She was house proud and had pride in her own appearance. She always kept her things tidy. Did I mention how beautiful she was?

Caitlin’s Choice Ch. 01

along, her mind wandering to a different place. She thought of Logan and wondered if he was having fun in Australia. For some reason knowing he was so far away made her want to think of him. ‘Oofff’ Caitlin cried out as she tripped over something and landed face first in the sand. Sputtering as she sat up she looked at what she had stepped on.

A Trip To The Colonies, Chapter 1

her where the towels were kept, and said “enjoy, I’ll fix us a drink.”   Mary went to the guest room and got some shorts and a t-shirt from her bag to put on after the shower and returned to the bath, leaving the door ajar so the steam wouldn’t fog up the room.   She undressed slowly and let her mind drift to the last time she and Bret had made

From Strangers to Lovers

knew what was coming next. I said “I want to feel you Tom, I want your manhood in me now”. I slowly layed on my back and Tom moved between my legs and lifted them over his shoulders. He then took the petroleum jelly and started to apply it around my virgin anus and it felt mind blowing that every time his finger made contact my cock would twitch

Champions & Villains: Zod’s Trap Ch. 01

it, Nathan would never have believed that a single finger could bring so much pleasure. Using only four fingertips, the sexy nurse was bringing him to even higher levels of ecstasy. Her every move seemed to awaken new erogenous zones, her gentle touch stimulating him with practiced skill. Watching her gorgeous face so close to his crotch, as she


drove every inhibition right out of me. I turned, still kneeling on the sofa, and wrapped my hand around Jake's tight, hot cock. I mouthed the head first, licking the slit and tasting the clear fluid of arousal, then circled my tongue all the way around the ridge. This was my first cock and I wanted to enjoy it. Jake's hand brushed through my

We Met Online…

some of the greatest I had ever seen. Within seconds, my cock became as hard as petrified wood and I was slowly stroking myself. I picked up the pace and was soon cumming harder than I had in years. After cleaning myself up, I left her another comment on her new pictures and responded to her message telling her in a bit more detail how much I

Afternoon At The Adult Theater

a few butterflies on the day that he rode back into town with the large contingency of bikers. He got into town around 3:00 in the afternoon, and took a quick shower before he sent her a text letting her know that he had made it. They agreed to meet an hour later, at a small restaurant near where his tent was going to be for the night. He got

High on Meth

not lubed, so I turned around and gave him some spit, and I spied a can of Bag Balm, and I greased my ass w that. It worked great. I slid him in to me slowly, so I could get used to his size in my ass. I'm not a virgin, but I am careful. Besides, slow is the best way, I felt every inch of his cock sliding into my bung, and It was uncomfortable at

Me and Mr. Bill! Part 1 & 2

my cunt juices flow. I slept quite soundly, thank you, I spoke for the first time I see you took advantage of my deep sleep. Chuckling he answered Yes, you were like a rag doll. I was able to truss you up quite easily. He continued I see viewing your position is beginning to take effect, your little cunt is getting very juicy. Im planning on

Cyber Junkie – Tea 4

door of the ladies’ room, and wedged her thigh in Judy’s cut for a good grinding. London recognized that Chanel, Cartier, and Dior were all present, their scents lingered, danced, and intertwined with the musky aroma leaking from Judy’s v. The swirling mixture of the come-fuck-me bouquet was quite the aphrodisiac for London. She dipped her hand

2. Illawarra Flame Ch. 10-12

and washed it down the drain. He supported himself with one arm on the tiled wall while he breathed deeply to regain his composure. The water flowed over his body, soothing him. He wanted to go for another swim, to feel the water around him, to feel his body moving through it, to let it lull him into that place where nothing else matters. He

Act II (Getting Caught In The Act)

three months before the cast and crew got back together again. But this one was going to be good. This one would go out with a bang. In my case, hopefully, quite literally. I’d decided to come down to the pub a good few hours before everyone else arrived. I wanted to check all the props and the costumes and make sure everything was where it

The Author Pt. 02

he had never used that word before, or since. He had never written the word in any of his books. It wasn’t a word he used and Jennifer had searched all the texts of his books in the computer. It had to be a clue, it just had to be. There were other clues that said the key had to be here. In Bill’s second book, the investigator was looking to

The Sex Tribe (Part 1)

lied down and looked up at the fading sky (what he could make out through the leaves). He needed a good rest for his long trek tomorrow towards the river. There he could try to make a raft and go downstream. He planned for a good two hours before he finally left his energy strained body to sleep. He woke the next day feeling refreshed. He knew he

School Afair 2.0

wont, theyre out of country as well. (I responded) – Oh! How continent (She sounded really happy) At this point I kept imagining how and where I would fuck her at her apartment like I was making a schedule. Fucking her in bed, and cum inside her, at night. Fuck her in the shower, from behind and nut in her mouth in the morning. Fuck her in the

The Senior Center

asked Ben how he celebrated Valentine’s Day when he was younger and instead of telling about his experiences, he explained the legend of St. Valentine and the history of Valentine’s Day. Ben began, ‘We do know that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, and that St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both

The New Teacher II

my facade a little. Maybe I was taken aback at just how nonchalant she could be after our encounter. She was more prepared than I was.Uh... After school, you and your friends need to meet me back here to... discuss an incident from yesterday.""Which friends do you mean exactly?" She made no attempt to hide her sarcasm.My reply was to try and look

An Attachment Is Made Ch. 03

fingers she knew would soon touch her. The guard’s hands stroked inwards to the soft skin above her knees before moving upwards but so frus­tratingly slowly. She mustn’t ask him to hurry, mustn’t plead but she could feel a trickle of her own lubrication running down her right thigh towards his fingers. She felt beaten — he’d soon feel that, feel

Ivy, Barbie and Me: Part Two

old man” of this story at 23. 5’7”, I have blond hair, blue eyes, sort of muscular but not overly so with an amazingly average 6.5” cock. We had bumped into each other at the mall, gone back to where Ivy and I lived and fallen madly in bed together. Part one ended with me fucking Ivy doggy style on our bed while Barbie is lying flat on her back

The Meet

we flirted a little, but it was never anything serious, he had often said late at night that he would love a picture of me naked, I knew he just wanted some material to jack off to so he didn’t feel lonely and I was always correct as by the mornings he would be banging on about how attractive this girl was at the gym the other day and apologising

My Perverted Family: 1. Bella's Story

mood. I suspect a lot of quickie blowjobs and pussy licks took place that day.Now that I think about it, I remember Mom going down into the cellar with Uncle Tommy to get a case of whiskey. They were down there much longer than it should have taken to grab a case of whiskey and haul it up the stairs. When they did return, and Mom's hair was

Lesbian Shemales

my cock was still dancing its orgasmic dance and my ass still convulsing, I felt Melissa’s cock harden and her body go rigid. “Vicki, I’m Cumming!” she panted as her cock began its own twitching inside my ass as she filled me. She collapsed on top of me and we stayed that way for a while. Her cock still deep in my ass and my ass still having the

Cousins with Benefits

started to water. She kinda laughed at the fact that I was staring at her boobs for about 30 seconds. I took my hands and started playing with her breasts, and instantly starting sucking on her nipples. She starts to moan and started get even more excited than before. Before I finished giving oral to her breasts, I gently bit each nipple. She

The Great River 2: The Rose of Asenmar (Part 1)

Ilun was an old grizzled veteran and he did not suffer fools lightly but despite his gruff exterior he was rather close with his two noble students, whom he seemed to consider to be like his own children. Not that that stopped him from giving them a whack with his staff to correct their form or silence impudence. The courtyard where they would

Kissy Kat

my still recent divorce and self-imposed dating rules. I even cursed at her a couple of times in hopes she’d get the idea. It didn’t work. I didn’t need, or want, a steady girlfriend. She said she understood, but continued to put pressure on me to commit to her. When she started dropping by without calling, I, reluctantly, came to the conclusion

A lustful PA

was relatively small and only contained central business teams. I held my head up high, not to try and disguise the nerves I could feel building up as all eyes were on me walking through the office. The standard employee was an older, more sophisticated gent. With that normally comes a untailored navy suit which can comfortably conceal the odd


was the girl every boy’s mother dreaded him bringing back home. Thick, dark hair falling in waves and loops down her back, disarmingly bright blue eyes, and soft, knowing lips. Nobody knew where Sky went during the day. Like a cat, she only came out at night to silently stalk the city’s bars, lounges and clubs. Her skirts were short and her heels

Indecent Exposure

‘nightstick’ return to its full length. I entered the master bath, stripped off my boxers and entered the shower.Turning the handle, the warm water from the shower head above, cascaded over my body like a gentle rainfall. Grabbing the liquid soap, I lathered up my body, paying particular attention to my very stiff cock. I began soaping up my

Mistress Redemption

her cheek and let my hand slide down towards her naked breast."You tore my only shirt," she pointed out as she lifted her breast to my hand."Just get another one from your case," I suggested.  "Anything you wear is going to make you look hot!"She smiled at the compliment as she shook her head and reached down to pop the case open.  I was

The beginning of my sex addiction (2 Monday) repost

hand to her pussy started to grope her.She put her hands on my chest and pushed me away as she said “Whoa cowboy! Don’t be in such a hurry. I’m not some horny teenager, I’m a woman who wants to enjoy sex, not just do sex.” She wrapped a hand around my dick and said “Slow down and if you are a good boy, and if you can make me cum, you’ll get your

What The New Day Brings

window and, as she became more aware of her surroundings, she realized that she was lying against a man’s strong chest. But, instead of unease from what could have been, she felt satisfaction and peace. She barely remembered the events of the night before but, what she did recall, was filled with love and connection and filled her with a desire

A Night Out With Teemu

and sucked back and forth, inside, and round and round. Zoraya’s body attentive to his every move. He was enjoying this, he places a finger inside her and she gasped in delight, asking for more. He obliged. In and out his fingers worked along with his tongue, licking her juice, she tasted so good, he thought to himself. Teemu was so hard and

Cruel Wednesdays

set out for the kill. “Have you ever made love to another woman?” “No,” I whispered, barely audible, and my mind began to flood me with images of her perfect breasts, her lean legs, her soft skin. I wondered what color her nipples were, and I yearned to see every little detail of her body and worship it. I almost missed her next words. “Perfect,”

when i used to spy

When i lived in mississippi i was station in the military but i would live in apt complex off of the base. i loved watching porn and had always thought about what it would be like to watch real people in action not just the tv with my cock in my hand.  Well it was about 2 am and i ran out of my faviorite beer  Miller so i grab the keys to the

The End

A whispered word of affirmation. As Sam extricated herself from Jon’s lap, they looked at their phones. It was 1:30. They still had a solid three hours left to play with each other. Uninterrupted. Jon’s idea was unexpected, but brilliant. “Wanna go for a ride?” At her nod of acquiescence, he led her by the hand back to her room. He gave her

Water Water Everywhere

Not home, not morals, not mommy and daddy, not friends, not family,......just pure SENSATION. My mind spun. I literally would have killed to have that feeling again and again and again. It was like a rush of heroin. A narcotic turn on. For a child, that's a big thing to cope with, to process through a child's mental computer. After the

Feels like heaven

of baby powder. She looked like an angel in her white skirt. Her face so unforgettable that when ever I close my eyes , I could see only her face. I had been around many girls but didn’t feel anything. But as for her, even her voice turned me on. Just looking at her face made my dick harder. .Never felt like that with any other girl. She was the

Reunited: Part Two

I have previously repressed are rampaging through my body. Please keep doing what you were doing, my cock is begging and my thoughts are centred on her mouth, it felt so good for those sweet moments… please- Her mouth returns to my cock, kissing down my shaft before licking my balls, her hair is tickling my thighs and I take her head in my hands,

The Daughter

were all off work we decided to have a lazy day. June decided to have a lie in and that left Karen and myself down stairs on our own. She was in her pyjamas and I was also in mine. Her pyjamas were a lot sexier than mine. All I had was a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Karen’s were a pair of shorts and a low-cut top. They looked like silk, but I

A Walk on the Beach (Another of my wife’s college adventures)

with them during her spring breaks and semester breaks when she was in college. This story occurred in December during the semester break of her junior year. Each morning she would check out the pool then go for a walk along the beach, looking for good-looking guys to flirt with. She usually wore a skimpy two piece swim suit that displayed much

The Light that Life is Made Of

do. Right now I think I feel like the most lonesome person in the world.’ ‘Name’s Paul.’ ‘Really? That was my step dad’s name.’ new mexico mountains are rumbles of noise the night is a wheel turning vibrating the wind could be screaming frighten the landscape tips of the grasses sway in the stars I shouldn’t have lied so much, she thought, when

Swim Team Booty Call

A little light in the tit department, but still more than a mouthful. With her red hair, her bikini color presented a nice contrast. Her belly was nice and flat with no stretch marks. There were no stretch marks anywhere on her. Her belly button was pierced with a nice belly ring dangling down. Her bikini gusset almost covered her vulva, but not

Bradyn, My Best Friend.

to my pussy and seen the dampness through the undies. He chuckled and removed my underwear to expose my shaved virgin pussy. He smiled and kissed my thigh. He's on the floor now, on his knees. He slips a finger in and I moan a little. He adds another, I moan louder. Then another. "Are you okay?" He asks. "Yes." I say between moans. He fingers me

The Motel california

familiarity, then a flash of pain. They passed out. The light was too blinding, the pull of their bodies trying to drag them back was too much. They awoke again simultaneously, minutes later. At the same time Robert and Alana stepped out into the chill night, hand in hand and naked as the day they were born. I feel a little bad for them. She

They wont accept us, Chapter 1 missunderstood

to you he says. Just you tonight, my crazy little girl. I flash a flirty smile at him. Come here slim, he reaches his arms out to me nd I step into them. I straddle his lap and he kisses my throat while un hooking my bra. Now I may be tiny but I have a generous amount of boobs. At 411 and 98lbs my boobs are a 30C. He engulfs my left boob with his

Every Man Is A Little Bit Gay

that all d***ken conversations seem to go, we started talking about sex and, in particular, about David being gay. I guess I was being a little personal but I was too d***k to care very much and he didn’t seem to mind. I was asking him about preferring boys over girls when he came out with: ‘It’s not quite a clear cut as that. People aren’t just

Something New

then stopped and threw the vibrator over to where the bottle of lubelaid. He then got on his knees and began to make tantalizing circles around her clit withhis tongue. This made her squirm more than ever. Kellan chuckled causing a vibratingsensation. When Kellan done he looked up at Ashley and said he was going to uncuff her.Ashley nodded and he

A Teachers Story Ch. 05

happy that he would be doing the christening. We talked for a while and then decided that we had to call Jen’s brother and my sister and let them know that they would be double aunts and uncles. Ben thought that it was wonderful that we were having twins and he was unaware of any others in the family, until Jen reminded him about his grandmother

Doll of the Master 2

was wearing and it seemed that she had a cock as a man. She fucked me with the dildo hard over an hour and she seems to have a dildo inside in her vagina too, because she came often to orgasm. First it hurt much but after a while it made me very horny and i was coming too for 3 times. It was a new feeling for me not to orgasm with my cock and i

Horny Fuck Slut enjoys her Husbands attention

to slide in deep and again he starts to pound at me, balls deep, full length thrusts, his hips hitting my arse cheeks, my cum juices making a splashing sensation as he does. My fingers frantically rub my clit, my hand is drenched with sticky cum as the feeling of him raping my arse excites me.“You really love me fucking your arse don’t you” he

My First Sex Experience

lying in bed fully covered with sheet. And she was pointing to the other side of the bed. I sat down right next to her, trying to speak but the only thing I could say was “ah……..” “That is OK Nancy, You are a teenage and it’s normal ……., I think you need to have a boyfriend, it will give you some satisfaction even If I still think it’s early for

The Oral Only Affair

and that I would fly in once a month just to give her oral and make her get what she was missing. It was all in good fun and we actually developed a friendship of sorts if you can call someone a friend that you have never met, never spoken to, and never planned to meet (Hello? Manti Te’o? WTF?). She said she was an avid swimmer and we joked that

The Professor's Daughter-Part IV Bedtime Stories

do a sassy little cheer, sticking her butt out and grinding her hips. My cock, needless to say, responded by getting very hard and she then led me by the hand to the bedroom. Inside she had set up some music on her iPod and did a striptease for me. She kept on her light blue bra and panties and pushed me back on the bed and proceeded to give

Lost and Found Ch. 04

the graduation, Charlie and Jason had decided to incorporate the store. It had been doing very well, but had been running as a liability limited partnership. With the incorporation completed, Sue was given the position as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Crocker Holdings, Inc. As time went on, we saw Sue, at church, on a regular basis, but we

Dreams of Love Ch. 04

why don’t you like me using my magic even when we are alone?’ she asked. ‘Because…no reason. Just thought you should be more cautious. Never know who could be watching.’ He looked away from her, clearing his throat nervously. ‘Then why didn’t you tell me this earlier?’ she asked. ‘I don’t know Lina. Can we not talk about this?’ he cried. Linaross

A Chance Meeting…Perhaps

gotten hard once more Isabel started sucking it again. Long hard deep strokes into her mouth and throat. ‘Oh my God! Stop! I’m going to cum again!’ Isabel did as she was told and stopped. ‘Thank you. I didn’t want to cum twice when you had only cum once.’ ‘No problem’ Isabel said then she licked the tip of Derrin’s dick. Derrin froze where he

A Best Friends Retort

how come we have to meet here instead of your house?’ Alyssa said, removing her arms and walking around the bench to sit next to Lily. ‘Because Jasmine and mom wanted to spend the day cleaning house together. They suggested I go on a walk or something, too.’ Lily frowned and looked down at her converse shoes. ‘Oh, Lil’. You seem so sad. Jasmine

New Pet- Part 1

his mind.“The women you observed tonight were in that position because they disrespected or disobeyed their Dom. Tonight's event was a display of punishment. If we continue, you will attend one of these events every month. However, you will never be made to participate.”Lita left out a sigh of relief, as Mr. Wolfe continued. “As part of the

A Promise

of her throat. Her throat constricted around his cock, driving him crazy. Jill’s other hand was foundling his balls, tickling and teasing them, as she continued to please his shaft. Jay’s breathing was getting heavier and he gripped her hair, his hips moved forward and back, slowly pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. His rod plunging deeper

The Green Eyed Monster

to rub it till it grew. I pressed down on it while I nibbled on her nipples. I glided my finger over her lips, teasing her, then slid a finger slowly inside her, followed by a second one and slowly started to finger her. Susan started moaning and her legs began to shake. I stopped sucking her nipples and eased her down onto the bed. I buried my

He Needed Extra Encouragement

not the same specific girl, but the same type of girl. You know that quiet shy girl in the front of the class, the one who only fails a test if she makes a B, the one who is innocent and pure in every aspect of her young fruitful life, yeah I know her too. She looks so fucking good every single time you see her. She knows she looks good too,

Cici Gets The Rents Paid In Full

that’ as he walked towards Cici in the kitchen. Marti and I were shocked, as we saw Cici kiss his torso, running her tongue along his stout body. Tomas whispered something, and Cici dropped to her knees without a word. She began unhooking his pants, while he towered over her petite frame holding her by the hair. His pants dropped to the

Holiday Of A Lifetime

this point I should mention that Simon and I had admitted to each other that we both found Wendy very sexy. Something I did not admit to, though, was that I thought Simon's mum was even sexier. And now here she was on my shoulders with her hands resting on my head and her bikini bottoms tight against my neck. I glanced into the water and thought

Demetrius Ch. 13

pleased. She’ll know I’ve made progress in bringing you into the fold. Besides we’ve made an intimate connection. If you’d like I can tell her you’ll be attending our celebration. You can meet Adrian, your sister Katrina and see their estate.’ ‘Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. We’ll see. I think my exposure to them is what I’ve needed.

Equal Shares Ch. 50

Life was good. He felt a hand in the small of his back, and another arm draped over his shoulder. He looked to his left, to see Anne, blonde hair up in a complicated looking knot, looking incredible in her ivory, flowing, strapless lace dress with a ribbon belt around her waist. To his right, Denise, gloriously curled red hair flowing past her

The New York Story

then echo back to his tongue and lips. A close explosion of lightening and whipping thunder caused Tashauna to press herself harder against him, her hands exploring his muscular chest and arms. Creeping back down past his waistband to knead his cock lovingly, Jace pushed himself more into her hand. Their warm breath mixed between them, slightly

Queen Yavara: Chapter Twenty-Eight

cocks pushing together inside of me were forcing my body to orgasm. My eyes widened and my mouth shrieked muffled ecstasy, but I maintained my analingus. The whore I was playing wouldn’t give in to her own lust, and deny the pleasure of her client. So, I endured the relentless quaking of my nethers, and obediently kept my mouth in place. My body

Too Advanced For Her Age

kid next to her…I was a little kid, I was just too advanced for my age.The party started out slowly with kids dancing and some swimming for about an hour. Then the booze was brought out and things really got going. Kids were kissing and making out, others were fooling around in the pool, and yet others were just standing around talking.As one of

Playing Out Ch. 01

thought is gone because my hands have reached the waist band of the perfectly pressed khakis. They easily open the button and slide down the zipper. One finger brushes inside and feels the warmth of a pair of soft cotton boxers and then him. Again strong and now hard. He exhales…slowly….a soft sigh … it sounds like ‘yes’. I take him out of the

mom and son

in a tight t-shirt and short shorts. She looked hot. He watched her tits strain the t-shirt and her ass show below the shorts. He was wearing a tight bikini bathing suit and no shirt. The suit was tight against his oversized cock. When he walked in the room his mom stared at his crotch. He knew she admired the size. He bumped his cock against her

Discreet. (Stranger on a train)

erect clit with his thumb. I can't help but to release a sigh. Eager to feel more, I'm almost forgetting about Erik. The stranger hasn’t forgotten about him, though, and makes sure I don't either.“There are things you'd like to do to Erik, right?”He is talking so quietly I almost have to hold my breath to hear him.“Yes, I suppose,” I answer. He

Not So Innocent Love (Part 1)

as we kissed. He slipped out of his shirt and tossed it to the ground. He was quite muscular. He didn’t have a six pack, but his abs were firm. His arms were strong though, it made me wet just looking at them. He slid his hands across my tummy and around to my back to unstrap my bra. He tossed my bra to the floor just as he did his shirt. I sat

Who is Bella? - Part One

unfortunate events.At the end of the evening, she suggested that we go back to her place. I gladly followed, where we had a couple more glasses of wine before getting ready for bed.“I bought this for you,” she said quietly, pointing at the bed, “I hope you like it.”I was taken aback by what I saw. She had laid out a full-length pastel blue

Living with daddy Part V Part 2

his tongue against my clit. His tongue was warm and rough as it licked over my clit. Daddy squeezed my breast a little tighter with each moan that I made. It was like I was floating on this cloud and electricity was floating through my veins. I felt daddy’s cock get harder and harder in my hand, pre cum leaking out from the top. I wished that I

Sarah left me 3

younger cocks pulled out of her and went to sit with Angie and Harriet. Lying there, I reveled in the outrageous licentiousness of the evenings activities.Sarah lifted her head and saw the huge grin on my face. “What are you grinning at, Phil? Don't tell me that you enjoyed that?”“I have to admit that I did.”Then she climbed off me and offered me

This Was Not The Plan

own plaything chained over a pummel horse! It is said “the family that plays together stays together” but with all the charges against them, they will not be playing together for a very, very long time. Epilogue My Master had found my broken collar . Together we flushed it down the toilet, for it had been defaced. My Master said He had a new

Venus Goddess of Love

and the entrance door. The fourth consisted of a counter and behind this a door covered with a bead curtain. I had smelt a pungent aroma as I entered the shop and looking up towards the ceiling, I saw suspended from it bunches of herbs. The bead curtains rattled and I turned to see a small elderly man entering. He had a lopsided smile and looked

Trip out of town

I had left the ticket counter with ticket in hand and had just got in line for the security check at the Atlanta Airport, when I noticed you. You were about four people ahead of me and had just flipped your long black hair off of your shoulders. I’m 6’2, so I figured you were 5’10, maybe 5’11 and you were wearing a pale blue sweater. I maneuvered

A Peasant Girl - Chaper 11

Ivanovich coldly. "He thinks he's better than me. He cheats on his wife and won't let me share her, his own father. That's gratitude for you." He almost seemed to have forgotten Anna existed. "And now he'll have an heir, a boy, I just know it. He'll lord his success over me. He's young and successful and has a son and all the women he can

The Last Supper with Brandon James

of his cock. His moans spurred me on. I curled my fingers back around his shaft, gently stroking his cock, pulling the foreskin back down towards the base, exposing more of his bulbous head. I parted my lips, forming an "O" and slipped my lips around his head and down a few inches. My mouth watered, covering his cock in my saliva as I begin to

Hot mother-in-law 2

my wife, my mother-in-law and I all sucking one another. Another one of my fantasies had come true have two women in bed with me at the same time. My wife started to moan and I new either she was cuming or she was close to cuming, she sucking increased in strength, and now mother-in-law was moaning, and with the sucking strength increased on my

Top Cat Ch. 01

legs, Becky soaps and washes my hair. Her fingers and nails feel good on my scalp. I stand back up, turn around and wash Becky’s chest while she continues to massage my scalp. I find her breasts to be real despite their appearance. I am impressed. After I do her back, we all rinse and step out to dry off. We wrap the towels around ourselves. The

You Made A Promise! (Chapter 3 - Heartbreak)

your body as Aleira begins to rub the tip of your penis through a hole in the chastity belt. “Only real men get to cum; men who wouldn't allow a device like this to be put on them in the first place. Not guys like you; guys like you need your penis to be locked up by a beautiful woman. It’s not your penis and you’re not allowed to cum, it’s out

The beginning of the Autobiography CH 1

of the planning and scheduling that kept us apart more often.So when she did not show up a couple of weeks before the wedding, at a meeting with the band we had contracted, I did not think much of it.In fact, over the next few days we did not even talk, I just thought that she was too busy.She finally showed up at my apartment the Sunday morning


gone and stolen my precious, golden stash. A blood rage burned through my body, I would track down whoever had stolen my loot and I would make them pay. Everything seemed tinged with red when I ran through the doorway. What little hope I had was dashed when I entered the cabin. All of my meager possessions were strewn about. My knees felt week,

Unexpected Thailand Massage

I gasped and whimpered, his hands both drove me completely to distraction. He kept me going and building me up. It took a couple more minutes to bring me to climax. I had a hard, strong climax and I struggled to hold back as I cried out.             Then he withdrew his hands, took the towel and placed it across me again. Smiling he said to me.

Twin Beds

that we both have both blankets over us otherwise just one would still be too cold. We both turned away from each other, our backs to each other, we touched. It was warmer than the floor. We both still tossed and turned, but never faced each other. When she had her back to me she rubbed up against me, not knowingly I was sure. But I started to

He Cried Wolf: CH1-Alpha Not Omeg

"I'm going to take that as a rare compliment that is most likely never said from Tristan Northam." Tristan let out a short little snort that was supposed to pass for a chuckle. There were many instances in Cassius's life where he felt so vulnerable, and he often combatted those feelings with sarcasm and his energetic awkwardness, but being

Amber - Chapters 7 & 8

lot, he opened up his phone and checked Twitter.Someone had been updating Amber’s account.October 21st: my little sister is so hot. she’s getting her first tattoo today—everyone is excitedOctober 21st: she’s come up with a system—after her 1st tattoo, she’s going to fuck 1 guy. after her 2nd, 2…such a great ideaOctober 21st: and now that we’re

Kerbala Clay

when he was awake. Mostly, though, the conversation consisted of him asking me what life in America was like, and whether I knew anyone famous. I had to disappoint him and tell him that I didn’t. Just because I live in L.A. (or ‘Tehrangeles’ as many of us Iranian-Americans affectionately call it) does not mean that I’ve ever met anyone from TV or


down again for work, up again at night to stay at home as usual to get lost in my reading. I love to read, had been around the world just by reading.  Today starts on a different note. I don’t hear the alarm, so I’m an hour late for work. The kettle also decides to break, leaving me without my usual morning caffeine-kick….Unlike the other

A Gulf Coast Welcome – Conclusion

mumbled something as a response but without that first cup of coffee, I don’t think anyone could understand me, let alone Caren.‘I just had the best dream before waking. I was dreaming that you were going down on me and as I came, I awoke. How good is that. That’s another first for me. Thanks to you.’ I knew she was telling me the truth because

Living with daddy

He looked absolutely amazing. I was surprised women were not throwing themselves at him. I knew I wanted to throw myself at him, and I had a feeling that I was going to do it.“So it has been two year since someone has sucked your cock?” I asked in amazement. “Don’t you miss it?”I watched as my dads face turned red but I knew he was not going to

No Strings Attached - Chapter Four

body as you reach your orgasm. I sit up and watch you recover, as your breath returns and you slowly open your eyes.I unbuckle my belt, unzip my pants and slide them down past my knees. My cock is standing stiff to attention and in urgent need of relief.You take your feet off the arms of my chair and place your legs either side of me. You slide

Loving Carol, Part I: The Beginning

at it. Each time, something stopped him: His mother would be so angry about the mess; but then, if that's all she's worried about, piss on her anyway.Maybe he should write Carol a letter and tell her why he did it, and lie and tell her it wasn't her fault so she won't feel so bad; but she wouldn"t blame herself anyway, so it's pointless.Still, a

My little latina - ch1

the car by the diner and as he got out he stretched his legs and arms trying to get rid of some of the stiffness in his joints.He entered the Diner and was greeted by an elderly waitress with a pot of coffee in her hand who asked him if he liked a cup of coffee and if she could take his order. He ordered a steak with hash brown potatoes, greens

Tuck’s American Road Trip! The Agony The Ecstasy

Agony & The EcstasyBradley Tucker ‘Tuck’ Grayson was scurrying about his apartment getting ready for his wedding. His long time best friend and Best Man, ‘Bimbo’ Billy Bryson, had just arrived from picking up the bride-to-be’s suitcases for the honeymoon and was squeezing Tuck’s one measly banged up bag into the trunk of Tuck’s car with all of